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Finger picking on Steel acoustic guitar?

I noticed that Jimmy Page finger picked on a steel acoustic guitar on quite a few tracks like Stairway to heaven and other ones and I was wondering how did he do it? I know it is more difficult to finger pick on a steel acoustic because of the rougher steel strings and higher tensions so I was wondering do they make specific strings that allow for fingerstyle playing? Also Randy Rhoads finger picked a steel acoustic on Dee along with a Classical guitar.


First okorder.com/... In truth their are many, many players who finger pick acoustic guitars, once you get the hang of the various picking patterns it's not extremely difficult to do. There aren't really any specific strings that are required to finger pick. It will mostly come down to the players preference and the type of music they are doing. It is actually more difficult to finger pick an electric guitar since you have less room between the strings and the pickup so you will find that a lot of times you will hit the pickup with the metal finger pick which can be a bit disturbing but practice helps. Pat SImmons of the Doobie Brothers uses finger picks on a Gibson ES335 all the time.
Sep 27, 2017
Nylon Acoustic Guitars
Sep 27, 2017
I've seen people put the guitar on a table and pick it that way. This is fairly common method in playing Bluegrass and country songs. There are finger picks that are used. These are finger rings with claws.
Sep 27, 2017

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