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finishing a room in my basement?

I would like to finish a large room in my basement and was wondering how hard a drop ceiling would be to install also drywall is already up but its just the bare drywall what else need to be done to the walls before theyre ready to be painted and my thinking is im just going to put some kind of rubber flooring in for now like would go in a garage since i could do that myself and there is no ac but ill probably just put a window unit in


Drop ceilings are quite simple if you plan ahead. What I mean by that is you got to draw it out first on paper. Most of the tiles comes in a 2 ft by 4 ft piece or a 2 X 2 piece. Measure out the width and lenght of your space and divide into the size of tiles that you have choosen. That will give the odd sizes that is left behind. You take that odd size and then divide it into 2. (example... The room is 24 ft 10 inches long. you will have 12 even tiles (2x2) and 10 inches left. That means you will have a 5 inches space on each end of the room with full tiles in between.) Make sure that you secure your tie wire very well on your main T Bar. Especially if you plan on installing lights in the dropped ceiling grid. your hardware store will tell you what kind of tie wire you should have. One last thing... make sure you give enough space to install your tiles after the ceiling grid is up. The last thing you want is to fight with the tiles because you can't slip them in. Good Luck
Apr 14, 2017
Drop ceilings aren’t that hard if you have common sense and some mechanical ability it’s a good DYI project if the drywall is already taped and finished with compound then just primer it with any drywall primer and paint
Apr 14, 2017

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