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Fixing bathroom vanity light & ceiling fan?

This is a two part question but both are sorta related:1. My bathroom vanity lights have 4 seperate lights but one recently quit working & its not the bulb... all the other lights work fine but this one just quit? What would you recommend to fix it?2. The celing fan lights in my living room & my sons room dont work (sorta)... the fan works fine but the lights wont unless you jiggle them around a bit but wont stay on if you are not jiggleing them, almost like there is a bad connection between the socket and the bulb. Any suggestions?


It sounds like you sorta got a collection of sorta failed bulb-holders. The springs in these sorta go weak after a while and, especially in difficult locations like damp bathrooms and vibrating ceiling fans, they can go sorta intermittent sorta. You should isolate the power and replace the failed bulb holders. These are not usually difficult (sorta).
Apr 14, 2017
Sometimes an exhaust fan is hooked into the same circuit as the vanity lights, not so much as a tool to remove odors and moisture, but to make noise so that any 'other' noise created in the bathroom is covered up or muffled by the sound of the exhaust fan running.
Apr 14, 2017
I would get an electrician to look at both. But if you are determined to diagnose and fix the problems yourself, make sure the power is turned off first!
Apr 14, 2017

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