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Flow switch and flow meter distinction?

In the chilled water pipe to see. What is the difference between a flow switch and a flowmeter? I would like to measure the flow, with the flow switch, but also with the installation of flow meter?


Flow switch is when the flow within the pipeline reaches the set value of the switch point, the action, the external circuit cut off or connected, only to detect whether the flow reaches the set value of this point. The flowmeter is used to detect real-time flow and can be continuously measured from 0 to the maximum range. Real-time response to traffic changes! If you will flow meter access control system, then you can also use the system to set the alarm point!
May 9, 2017
What is the specific advice flow meter? Germany FLEXIM ultrasonic flowmeter uses advanced DSP technology, using a double UP high-speed processor, the sampling frequency increased to 70ms, can be used to measure a very short period of time changes in fluid flow. Specific can understand
May 9, 2017

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