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Flyback transformer usage?

i have just pulled out the flayback transformer from a tv there are many pins at the bottom and 3 wires at the top. i just want to make some good sparks. one wire is orange, one red and the other red with a sucker cap on the end. can i plug the transformer straight into the wall socket. i hear it needs a saw tooth voltage, is this already built in. please help i just want some good sparks.


A 'flyback' transformer won't do anything but blow the breaker if you plug it into the wall. They're designed to run at 15,750 Hz. and yes, they do couple a 'sawtooth' waveform out to the horizontal deflection coils of the 'yoke' around the base of the CRT which deflect the electron beam to produce an image. If you want some -great- sparks, go out on the 'net and look ou plans for a 'Tesla Coil'. I've built a couple of those that would draw an arc several inches long. And since they're very low-current (on the secondary side) they're quite safe to play with. HTH, Doug
Dec 7, 2017

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