Good real estate brokers?!?

What are some of the best companies in Colorado for a new real estate licensee to join in order to receive the best training?? Here in Georgia it seems to be GMAC/Metro Brokers (which is not the same as the Metro Brokers in Colorado). Someone please tell me the best, not just the quickest or cheapest, companies to consider. Also, I would prefer a company that offers lots of support and does commercial real estate along with residential. Thank you!


In Real Estate, BRANDING is everything! Having name recognition, logo recognition, etc. will help prosper a business. I'm quite fond of my parent company, but it may not be for everyone. I am always pleased to say that I work for a worldwide company! If you can partner with someone in the biz, that will help launch your career and move you forward! The best teacher is doing it... you will become proficient in writing contracts, etc. as time passes, and with having someone keeping you on track -- all the better. Good luck in your decision!
May 11, 2017

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