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Grand Rapids Chair Company Table....what is it worth?

We own a Table and Buffet set, the inside top drawer of the Buffet has a sticker that says Grand Rapids Chair Company and on the back of the Buffet it has a sticker with the number 800on it.


These days the Grand Rapids Chair Company makes metal chairs almost exclusively, and the city is home to great steel office furniture makers. Your set is almost surely not an antique in its own right, since no designers ever worked there and the heyday of mfg. was 1880-1910 there. However, it may be a quality REPRODUCTION of an antique set--look for stuff like dovetail joints in the drawers and hardwoods used even on the drawers. Aquinas College is in Grand Rapids, MI, and Dr. Jason Duncan is History chairman there--maybe he can steer you to someone who knows the sources. My partner has a set that's an 1876 Philadelphia reproduction of an earlier English Victorian set, and it's been appraised at $40,000--so it's worth your while. Personally, I hate the damned ugly, heavy stuff--so she isn't leaving it to me.
Sep 30, 2017
Grand Rapids Chair
Sep 30, 2017
get a book from the library on antique dining room sets of that age... you'll prob find yours there....
Sep 30, 2017
NO!!! Just get some Vanilla ice cream and add some sardines and/or anchovies to it and you will find out the reason why no one makes it!!!
Sep 30, 2017

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