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guitars - changing strings nylon/steel?

hey therejust wondering about changing nylon strings to steel strings...i have an acoustic guitar and it has nylon strings, but i was thinking about switching to steel strings, as i think it sounds better.this might sound really stupid... but is that possible? i mean they call it a steel stringed GUITAR and nylon stringed GUITAR, so if i wanted to switch would i have to get a whole new guitar? please help, im reaaally confused!thanks


You'd have to get a new guitar if you want to use steel strings. If you put steel strings on a nylon stringed guitar, you could snap the neck right off of the guitar. Steel strings have more tension than nylon strings. You can't try the other way around either, since nylon strings simply won't fit on a steel-stringed guitar.
Sep 27, 2017
If it's a Fender, you will need wire cutters to cut the brass barrel shape off the end to feed the string into the clamp. Otherwise on most guitars you just anchor the string barrel at the bridge end, feed the string along the neck and through the hole in the capston and turn the string capston by using the handle The surplus string can just be coiled up. I never had a string winder for years, ---bit of a gimmick --- --but does save time. A point worth noting if considering splashing out on a string winder is that some of them are equipped with a wire cutter as well. 2 Tools in one eh!!
Sep 27, 2017
Steel strings can't go on nylon stringed guitars. So, yes, you have to buy a new guitar.
Sep 27, 2017
I asked my guitar teach this and the thing with changing from nylon strings to steel strings is that the nylon tuning forks are accustomed to nylon and tend to slip. But, in say that you can do it, but, you would have to wait awhile for them to start sticking. If i have helped the Your welcome and Thanks! =]
Sep 27, 2017

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