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Had a dream my best friend was in a wheel chair!?

She just moved and I had a dream lastnight she was in a wheel chair but she was using her legs like kicking me and stuff... For some reason the wheel chair was up high I could see her only when I looked up, sometimes a couple inches lower than eye level. What's it mean??


The wheel chair represents your crippled relationship...crippled as a result of her move. However, you can still see her (speak with her by phone, email, video chat) but it is not the same. The chair is up high because she is out of reach. Your dream is simply your brain's response to a broad emotion. Don't worry, your friend will be fine.
Sep 30, 2017
No dream is in simple terms too stupid or too weird and wonderful. Projecting your superb buddy in a wheel chair is a mirrored image of helplessness in you. this may well be in touch with friendship. this may well be with regards to issues you won't be in a position to do approximately. Dreaming of not in a position to stroll usually reflects the low self assurance, or loss of administration in some element of your existence. Projecting keeping apart out of your mom yet your mom exchange into not searching for you may recommend which you're feeling ignored in some case interior the kinfolk.
Sep 30, 2017
I looked this up for you and the word Wheelchair means: The wheelchair is a symbol of a handicap, though not necessarily a physical one. It is an indication that you have been relying on the assistance of others instead of handling your problems yourself. You may feel that you cannot control some aspect of your waking life. Conversely, it may mean that you are letting the people in your life take advantage of you or 'push you around. You must not allow anyone, no matter how close, to use you. If you dream of a friend or family member, able-bodied in your waking life, that uses a wheelchair should be seen as a call to action. They are in desperate need of your help but cannot bring themselves to ask you outright; instead your subconscious mind has picked up on subtle hints. Seek them out and offer your friendship and your help. Hope this helps. (,,,)*J*(,,,).•*+*•.☆*SMILES* ☆.•*+*•.(,,,)*J*(,,,)
Sep 30, 2017
it means ur worried about her and feel you would blame yourself if something happened to her since ur no longer around her
Sep 30, 2017

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