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Have you ever broke a chair??

Wondering if anyone has any good stories about a chair breaking while they were sitting in it? What kind, what was it made out of? I just recently broke a wooden kitchen chair! I was leaning on the back legs and they broke loose and I crashed into a table behind me and broke a lamp and picture frame! Guess that's why my mom always told me not to lean back on the legs...


I was in one of those little kid plastic ones, it was pink, old, and from Ikea. I was babysitting my niece and we were having a little tea party. I tried to scoot in by jumping with the chair, like that little hop to scoot in. So, the front legs to the chair broke and my head smacked onto the little table, causing me to get a bloody nose, and the little tea pot filled with tea went all over my lap. My niece still likes to bring it up every time i see her saying that i peed cause I was scared but I always tell her it was the tea. I had a bruise for a while and i'm still ashamed of the incident.
Sep 30, 2017
I had a chair that was actually a vanity chair (to put on makeup while in front of the mirror) I used it for my sewing machine. The seat one day decided to fall through and having a small butt I fell through the chair. It just decided to fall apart.
Sep 30, 2017

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