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HDTV vs LCD Monitors?

I have been wondering about HDTV quality vs LCD Screen Monitors quality? And the difference in DPI? Are they comparable? Would it be a better investment to go with th HDTV for a bigger screen for a computer or LCD? Whats the biggest difference?


There is a huge difference between a HDTV and LCD monitor. One is meant for movies, gaming, tv. The other is designed for computers. How big of a monitor are you looking for? How much are you planning on spending? 24 Dell LCD monitors are affordable and are less expensive than a 24 LCD TV. TV tuners and additional electronics in a TV add to the cost. If you are not going to watch TV or play console games, then buy a LCD computer monitor. If you are, then buy an LCD TV. There is no point in buying a more expensive product, when you are not going to be using all its features. It's practicality and purpose. It's kinda hard to view a 32 LCD monitor, when you are only 3 feet away from the screen. Quality-wisethey are the same, if we are comparing an HDTV LCD and LCD monitor. It's all about cost and footprint.
Dec 7, 2017
an HDtv isn't a style of television, like liquid crystal reveal, whether it somewhat in basic terms describes the television. honestly you have some significant styles of HDTVs: -liquid crystal reveal -plasma -DLP liquid crystal reveal and plasma are the two maximum nicely-known. For a community decision of 1920x1080, you will choose a 1080p HDTV liquid crystal reveal or plasma. the two a style of styles of TVs produce super image high quality, yet with some significant variations. LCDs have much less glare because of the style matte floor they use for the reveal, so so you might use it in brighter rooms. Plasma TVs have a gloss end on the reveal, which provides them greater glare. yet, plasmas are waiting to realize blacks lots greater advantageous than liquid crystal reveal displays. yet another situation is that a plasma television's bulb is typically non-replaceable, and while it is going out after, say 7 years or so, you're caught having to purchase a sparkling television. I at present have a 32 inch Samsung HD liquid crystal reveal television, which I even have linked to my workstation with the aid of an HDMI port, and it works super. Connections in the back of HDTVs generally incorporate some HDMI ports, which delivers the real 1080p HD high quality; some factor inputs, which will in basic terms provide you the lesser 720p HD high quality (1280x720). I propose you connect your pc using the HDMI if obtainable, to get the final high quality
Dec 7, 2017

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