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HiDeOuS ChAiRs!!!?

well heres the story. My boyfriend and i are moving into an apartment together soon and his grandfather decided he was going to make us some chairs for our balcony. And though i am extremely greatful that he took the time to make them for us and that it was very nice of him, the chairs are bad. they are pretty much 2 pieces of wood and 4 sticks for legs. We cant tell him we dont want them even though we appreciate it because hes the type that gets really mad and offended if you dont accept a gift (and i guess i would be too) So what i am asking is...after a few weeks what can we tell him happened to where we cant keep them anymore? and like i said ia am greatfule that he made them but im afraid ill have to get a tetanis shot before i sit on them. what should we say?


Though I would agree with Cookie's statement, being an apartment dweller, I know you aren't going to have any extra space to store the chairs. Rather than putting a black mark on your soul for lying to your boyfriend's grandpa, assuming that the chairs are sturdy, actually make use of them. Go to the fabric store and purchase a couple of yards of outdoor-grade cloth and a foam cushion. From the craft aisle at your favorite MegaLoMart, pick up some 50-cent acrylic paints in a coordinating color. Paint the stick-legs and staple-gun the foam and cloth to form a cushioned seat on each (which will protect from splinters and make them look decent enough to keep until you are ready and able to buy something better). For just a few bucks, you've got decent chairs for your balcony, saved Grandpa's feelings, and saved yourself a headache. When it's time to upgrade, give them away (or toss them and say you gave them away), and Grandpa will understand that while you appreciated his gift, you were ready for something else.
Sep 30, 2017
They're for your balcony, you don't have to look at them 'round the clock. I think putting some cushions on them and a coordinating flower pot or two would look nice on your balcony. You should appreciate them for the time and effort Grandpa put into them. I have a three-legged table that my Grandpa made a long time ago. It wouldn't be my first choice but it's my only heirloom from him.
Sep 30, 2017
Here's what you do. I know 100% what you mean, I've gone through this many of times. I keep the gift in the shed, or in the basement. I only take them out when the person who has given me the gift is coming over. Other times they're hidden. Good luck!
Sep 30, 2017
We've all been in that situation. Sucks! Is there a chance that they could be stolen from your balcony? Or from outside your front door while you're bringing them into your apartment? Or blown away by a vicious wind? Good luck with that one...
Sep 30, 2017

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