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How about the number of angle valves?

My house is ready to decorate, Sanshiliangting, two hutch, such as angle valve water how to buy? How much is enough to get a few?


I. determination methods:The water heater three, kitchen sink of hot and cold water and a hot and cold water wash basin, a toilet, toilet water tank / a bidet, a hot and cold water washing, hot and cold water tank each one. All the leading into the wall do not need the angle valve and the pressure pipe.
Jul 19, 2017
Two, angle valve briefly introduced:Angle valve is angle globe valve, angle valve and spherical valve similar to its structure and characteristics are modified by the ball valve. The difference between the globe valve and the angle valve is that the angle valve is at the right angle of 90 degrees from the inlet.
Jul 19, 2017
In general, about eight or nine of it, like the water heater and the basin can not be installed, but now on the market a lot of angle valve, angle valve I really have a shop is very good, then a corner valve before I bought a 9.9, the quality is very good, so want to specifications you probably around $100 to fix, you can go to the shop to see, the search has been red hardware in Google, you can search to his home shop. The price is pretty high.
Jul 19, 2017

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