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How can I access my cable TV at home from my computer?

I have heard that there is a device you can by that allows you to access/proxy your cable box at home from your computer. Does anyone have any more information on this? Thank you.


Your are probably thinking of a SlingBox. You connect it to your cable box like it is a TV set, set an IR blaster to control the cable box (it emulates the cable remote), and connect to your internet connection. You can watch it from nearly any computer nearly anywhere.
Dec 7, 2017
If you have to ask how to do this, I highly recommend against doing so, because if you make your computer accessible to the Internet (i.e., open your firewall) even for just your own use with say a password, you are also exposing it to all the other hostilities on the Internet. The way most routers work out of the box is to completely hide your presence on the Internet, except for when a conversation is started from within your own home network. This effectively makes you invisible to any hackers, viruses, spam, etc. that may be probing for a helpless victim. Opening any kind of access to your home network (or computers on it) compromises this invisibility, and I can't stress enough how bad of an idea that is unless you have a good understanding of the risks it poses to your home network, computers, and files on them and how to manage those risks. I wish there was a simple answer that would allow this, but fact of the matter is that there isn't. Sorry
Dec 7, 2017
There is a PCTV card you buy for your computer and run your coaxial from it and it works you can probably find it at Best Buy, I bought mine from Circuit City but we all know what hapened
Dec 7, 2017
try this link for information, the gadget is designed especially for this and is relatively inexpensive.
Dec 7, 2017

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