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How can I build a glass "wall" using unframed panes?

I want to build a greenhouse and I have a very large stack of unframed panes - they need to be framed, very simply, in wood, so that they can be made into a "wall," but I can't find any instructions on how to accomplish this. Seems to me, the easiest way would be to build the wall to fit the panes, but do I need to make a slot in the boards to slide the glass into? Or should I fashion the frames some other way and then worry about fitting them into the wall, itself? Thanks for your help!


The exact method I'd use to fabricate a wall to accept the glass panes would depend on the size of the panes. But in general, you have two basic choices on how you might cut the wood and mount the panes. One way would be to cut a groove in the center of the wood that would allow the panes to be slotted into the wood and the framework nailed together as the frames are made. You could do this and not use any putty or sealant, but the fit-up will be trickier then the next method I will suggest. What I think would be a better way is to cut a rabbit in the edges of your wood and build the wall. The rabbit should be 1/2" into the wood and at least as deep as the glass pane plus 1/8" if you want the panes to be flush with the outside edge of the wood. Your framed openings should be the same size as the glass plus 1/2" measured from the edge of the rabbit, both top to bottom and side to side. This should give you 1/4" landing of the glass to the wood with 1/4" play for any expansion/contraction. The glass can be set in putty or on a bead of sealant. Hope this helps
Apr 14, 2017
if you have a table saw cut a grove in the boards for it
Apr 14, 2017

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