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How can I clean the washing basin of my Kitchen and walls of my house?

The basin in which i wash the plates and other things of my kitchen is looking dull! I often clean it with fairy or other liquid soaps but i want to make it more shining,since it is silver in colour and silver things donot look good if they r not clean.If u know how to make a homemade cleaner then plz! kindly inform me.Its better to tell me abt homemade cleaners.Donot tell me to use any kind of Product!Although i have plastic paints in my home so it iz possible to make it clean by rubbing a wet peice of cloth.My walls have got some brownish dirts and spots.I need to rub and press to clean them.But how can i clean the whole wall this way?Not Possible!So,tell me how to make some homemade cleaners to clean my walls very easily, so that I donot need to rub and press.My arms ached a lot.Tell me about a homemade cleaner by which i just need to rub gently!Some special guests r coming to my home in this week so i cant paint my home this week coz after painting a smell remains for many days!!


Well if you have bad arms, and cannot clean very well. Then you should buy sugar soap for your walls, With very little rubbing the dirt and stains will come off. For your wash basin , you can make a paste of baking soda and water , this will keep your sink shinny. Hope this helps a little
Apr 14, 2017
Dry using Comet or a Soft Scrub for the washing basin it really works with lifting stains and rejuvinating the basin with shineness. Also for the walls I use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser that works extremely well with out scrubbing hard. But you might want to also buy a Mr. Clean floor and wall cleaner to use with the magic eraser. :) this works for me :)
Apr 14, 2017
soak the sink in biological soap powder and boiling water all stains will lift off and leave the sink shiny
Apr 14, 2017
For your sink, use salt. For your walls use the white sponge available in supermarts.
Apr 14, 2017

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