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how can i cover the ugly drop ceiling in my bedroom? i was thinking of just using dry wall mud over it...?

but i dont know if its safe or not. i cant stand to have to look at that ceiling every night tho. i dont want to cover with fabric i know that much. i was also thinking of wall papering over it. help!!!!!!!


You will need to remove each tile and give them a 'face-lift'. You could use wallpaper or something like a peel and stick vinyl, or I believe you could actually paint them. Then replace on the grid.
Apr 14, 2017
Is your drop ceiling the type that is replaceable? For example, it uses squares that are suspended below the real ceiling? If so, I don't think covering it with dry wall mud would be a good idea. If you look on-line, you might find a ceiling tile that you like better, so you could replace it. Or, I like your idea of covering it with wall paper. You could get a very unique ceiling and one that you like!
Apr 14, 2017
They make a product called sound-attenuation batting. those issues you are able to carry on the partitions, and could hose down the noise severely. despite the fact that, it would not take paint ok, and could do no longer something to your homestead windows (i'm afraid your are caught there). yet in a distinctive way is to get permission out of your landlord to have sound-foam insulation injected into your partitions. i'm constructive the owner would agree in view that's increasing the fee of his assets, AND making a chuffed renter). in spite of everything, that isn't any longer ver high priced, takes purely a pair of hours, and you purely would desire to repair some small holes interior the wall (trouble-free sufficient with a putty-knofe, some spackle, and an comparable paint). different than that, kickeing the crap out of your noisy associates is all that i will recommend (possibly no longer the terrific advice, yet could be useful even with the reality that ! :-) good success
Apr 14, 2017
Noo that drop in the ceiling is a water bubble it means your roof is leaking you need to fix the roof then fix the ceiling
Apr 14, 2017

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