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How can I stop my budgie from pecking holes in the corners of my plasterboard walls?

My budgies loves pecking dried palm leaves and enjoys sitting on my curtains. I have put some dried palm leaves on the curtain pole to keep her occupied when she is up there. However, recently she has started to peck at the corners of the wall where the recess for the window is.Is there anything I can put on the walls to prevent this? I don't want her getting ill because of the paint and I don't want holes in the walls but I also don't want to stop her sitting on the curtains - she's so relaxed there she often goes to sleep up there for hours.


get a peice of paper stickie stape the paper onto the wall whenever she is up there when she isnt remove the paper she will poke on the paper rather than the wall.
May 11, 2017
you are able to setting up floor fixed twine mildew to cover the wires. that's a contravention of the electrical powered code to run gadget means cords via a wall so which you should no longer legally run any a hundred and twenty volt cables that way. you are able to be breaching a firewall and a valid barrier, which this may well be because of fact it has insulation in it (this may well be actual no rely if that's a shared social gathering wall) . no rely if that's an outdoors wall, you're breaching the vapor barrier and lowering the climate seal on the residing house, additionally a destructive theory. additionally, that's a code violation to run a hundred and twenty volt cable and occasional voltage communication cable throughout the time of the comparable beginning in a hid partition. the only secure selection for concealing the wires in the wall may well be to apply suitable recessed backboxes with properly supported cable between them -- as that's achieved whilst residences are outfitted to accomodate wall mount television's. There must be 2 separate container systems, or a divided container and separated raceways, for the line voltage and occasional voltage cables. My suggestion is patch the holes you have made and run divided wiremold with channels for the two diverse voltages (your development or electric grant keep could have it).
May 11, 2017

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