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How do I connect ceiling speakers in a retail store?

I am renting a retail store space, and there are already 2 in ceiling speakers in one room, and several spots in another room where they removed ceiling mounted speakers. All of the wiring is still there and meets up in one convenient spot. How do I connect the exisiting two speakers to an audio source and add other speakers? Any recommendations on cheap ceiling mountable speakers for the second room?


There are a number of methods, however be mindful there are copyright payments required when song is played in a commercial institution. Some small retailers get an exemption for enjoying tune out of a portable 'boombox' radio like device, but using multiple audio system will not be included through the exemption. The cheapest supply of retail retailer track is from satellite tv for pc vendors as they incorporate the performance royalty in the month-to-month fee, and the furnished receiver is enough for many small installations.
Apr 14, 2017

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