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How do I fix a drop ceiling in a basement apartment bathroom?

I'm renting an apartment from a family friend in the lower floor of a raised ranch (basically a basement). It as a (poorly installed) drop ceiling everywhere, including the bathroom. Because the family friend is cutting me a deal on rent, I thought I'd fix up the ceiling, at least in the bathroom. The foam tiles are sagging and discolored, and I'm sure a breeding ground for mold. What I'm wondering is what my least expensive, most expensive, and most eco-friendly option is for a replacement? I've heard bad things (environmentally) about PVC and most of the vinyl I've seen is a little pricey. I'd like to keep it as close to $5/tile as I can (the grid has up to 2x4 squares), and I'm dealing with a space that's approximately 8'x10'. Thanks.


use 1/2 drywall . buy 3 sheets of greenboard drywall. paint the grid and drywall. cut the board and lay it in the grid. it will look like a brand new ceiling and be mold resistant.
Apr 14, 2017
It's no longer the high-quality sort of ceiling for a bathroom, but it will work. I'd endorse that you simply use the vinyl faced gypsum tiles for the ceiling. They're extra moisture resistant than regular tiles. An exhaust fan is an excellent idea as good. Hope this helps.
Apr 14, 2017

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