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How do I hook up my Tivo Series 2 to a cable box, blu ray player and flat screen LED TV?

I have every cord and cable hooked into all components possible and still no visual on the TV when I press the Tivo button. Help??!!


Connect the blu-ray player directly to the TV using a HDMI cable. Connect the cable box directly to the TV using a HDMI cable. These will be on different inputs on the TV. You may want to change the labels on the TV or make a note of which input is for which. For instance on my TV, video 6 is for the blu-ray player and video 7 is for the satellite box. Connect the Tivo to the TV. Be sure you use one of the OUTPUT connections. The Tivo supports s-video which will give you better quality picture than the standard yellow/red/white AV cables. However if you don't want to buy another cable, just use the standard ones. Most cable systems have started using encrypted digital cable. This means if you connect the Cable TV cable to the Tivo, it might not be able to receive anything. Give it a try, and rerun the Setup Guide so the Tivo will download the channel data for your cable system. However you may only get the local stations (e. g. ABC, NBC, PBS) For other stations you'll have to connect the Tivo to the cable box using a standard AV cable. Be sure you connect the cable to the Tivo's INPUT. In this setup, the Tivo can only record what the cable box is watching at the time. So if you want it to record an hour long show that's on at 8pm tonight, you'll make a recording to manually record from the AV input, from 8pm to 9pm. You'll need to leave the cable box on the channel you want to record - otherwise Tivo will simply record 60 minutes of whatever channel it happens to be on at the time. The Tivo may also be able to control the cable box using its IR attachment - check the Tivo manual for details. In this case, the Tivo will be able to change the channel as it normally could with the older TV/cable system.
Dec 7, 2017
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Dec 7, 2017

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