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How do I make a battery pack?

I'm doing a project where I'll have to use red christmas lights to put on a posterboard. There won't be any outlets available for me so I thought I could buy a battery pack but I can't find them anywhere so I just thought I'd make one. How do you make one? What kind of batteries do I need to use?


The battery pack depends on what kind of lights you will use and how much voltage and current they will required for a given time period. You obviously need to use LED's as oppose to incadescant lamps. The current and voltage will be determine by the number of lights you will use and the amount. Once you have determine this, you can figure what type of battery pack will be required, which can be D cells in series/parallel combination to accomplish the voltage and current requirements, or a single UPS dry cell type battery.
Jan 26, 2018

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