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How do I make learning about hydrogen fuel cells fun?

I'm doing a presentation on hydrogen fuel cells I want to make it interesting entertaining. Any ideas? I was going to make a hydrogen fuel cell generator but it's very expensive.


A hydrogen fuel cell is a device that takes an input of hydrogen (and oxygen often from the air) to produce electricity. Here is an inexpensive hydrogen fuel cell generator using platinum coated wired to produce a voltage.1 You might be able to borrow all or some of the equipment including the wire.2 A demonstration certainly makes any topic more interesting. There are other experiments you could also easily use to show how dangerous hydrogen can be. It burns with a flame that is difficult to see or feel and this would also be easy to demonstrate.3 If you look up hydrogen fuel cell on the web most of the hits will be from some site trying to sell you a hydrogen generator for your car. These people are calling their product hydrogen fuel cells although they produce no electricity. They require an electrical input to produce hydrogen. It can be a bit confusing.
Jan 26, 2018
Show how many other ways that hydrogen can be produced, and debunk the myths about how dangerous it is. You can also explain how many much more life a car gets out of hydrogen vs a carbon based fuel like gas. One experiment was done on two identical brand new cars. One was ran on regular gas, and the other was converted to hydrogen. They ran each one through the same grueling tests and found that the car running on regular gas quit running at 400,000 miles and needed to be rebuilt. The one ran on hydrogen quit only because the water pump went out and had well over a million miles on it! And the engine did not need to be rebuilt! Carbon based fuels leave carbon build up in your engine which affects fuel mileage,the longevity of the car, and higher maintenance costs! One fun thing to ask for peoples reactions would be, If you could produce hydrogen for yourself, what impact would it have on the gas/coal/oil/auto industries if we used it as a fuel to not only to run our cars on but, to heat our homes with and create our own electricity? And you could also ask how much money this could save people over a lifetime? You can learn more by reading mother earth news,home power, off grid living. Big money is what runs this country. And big money wants to protect its own profits by keeping us a slave to giving them more money. Cut out the big money and people can live way more affordable, and also be healthier for it! Big money wants to corner the energy market, and that's why you see all the big wind generation towers being built, to keep us a slave to them though most anyone can do it for themselves!
Jan 26, 2018
Talk about the possiblities of space travel because of hydrogen fuel. Talk about the possibilites for cars powered by water! Just talk about really neat things that can be done with hydrogen power.
Jan 26, 2018

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