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how do I nail wood to plasterboard... need urgent help please?

My wardrobe has just collapsed and I need to install a new one as soon as possible. I am just placing a pole from either end of the wardrobe but need help installing it. Do I need to use special nails to fix wood to plasterboard (the wood will be on top and what I nail onto the existing plasterboard) because I have a feeling normal nails won't work in plasterboard. Also does anyone have any help hints on installing a new pole?Thanks for any help


most hardware stores will have closet organizing brackets you can get it iwill have a place for the rod and a place for a shelf above it . To attach it to plasterboard you need to find the wooden studs that run verticle behind the plasterboard. once you find them you can use nails or screws to hang the brackets. Are your walls plaster or are they drywall? Plaster makes it hard to find the studs if it's drywall you can hit the wall lightly with your hand and listen for the sound to change as you move down the wall When the sound changes ussually every 16 inches you are on top of the stud. To mount to a plaster wall i would use 3/8th inch by 3 inch toggle bolts You will need to drill a hole big enuf for the toggle to go through. Good Luck.
May 11, 2017
Hey John,use 1 5/8 drywall screw's.I'm assuming your not hanging a 12' pole.Putting some glue (Elmer's Wood Glue) on the back of the holder & screw through it,& into the wall.The part that the pole will rest in/on.That outta hold it.
May 11, 2017
I don't know much about this but... ...just a couple of days ago, my brother-in-law told me in detail how to make sure a nail stays in place (not that I was asking!) ~~ nail it in quite carefully and gently and immediately apply super-glue I dunno if he was kidding but he finished by demonstrating hanging a really heavy picture on a wall and I am almost sure he really did use super-glue... (?) It was still hanging when I left, though :)
May 11, 2017

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