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How do I remove a bathroom sink that has ceramic tiles cemented on?

This is a 1950s sink.


I assume that you mean the tiles are attached to the counter-top. The process is called demolition, and it can get dusty. Safety glasses are a must, a dust mask is recommended. First, starting at the back-splash, slice any caulk at the seams where the tile joins the wall with a sharp knife. Then, crack the tiles, enough to get a pry-bar under them. Peel, pry or knock the tiles off, exposing the plywood or cement board underneath. If you can find screws or nails attaching the back-splash to the wall, remove them. Then, look underneath the counter for screw or nails which attach the cabinet to the wall, remove them. At this point, you can try prying the whole structure away from the wall(s). Be careful about pry-bar placement. You should only pry where there is a stud on the inside of the wall, typically every 16. If it doesn't budge, look for any fasteners you missed. NB- Before you start, turn off the water, disconnect all the plumbing, cover the drain pipe (to keep debris out of it and sewer gas inside it. A drop-cloth would help in the cleanup. expect to spend some time patching the wall when you're done. Good Luck
May 11, 2017
sure its superb to get rid of each thing however the cement board is 3/8 to a million/2 in. thick and the tile being placed on it truly is a pair of a million/4 to 3/8 counting on the quantity of thin set used. are you able to place a threshold down on the doorway to house for this distinction in top? And if the timber below the tile floor isn't a minimum of a million in. thick then the flexing of the floor will continually reason cracking of the grout lines if no longer the tiles them self. those are a pair issues people forget whilst wanting a tile floor. good success
May 11, 2017

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