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How do I securely fix a semi pedistal sink to plasterboard?

ive bought metal anchor bolts to fix semi pesistal basin to wall(4) but im not sure if its strong enough to hold it.i also cant work out how to connect same diameter waste pipe(cummin out of wall) to chrome waste trap?please help.


When a bathroom or powder room is first built they usually mount a solid frame at the correct height and position in the wall for mounting a hanging/pedestal type sink. This allows proper bo;lts to be screwed into a solid base so the sink does not fall off later. You require a P-trap available in hardware stores and building supplies. The P-trap should have the proper fittings to connect to both the drain pipe and the Tail pieces in your sink.
May 11, 2017
If the wall is drylined this is the plasterboard is caught onto the blocks with blobs of adhesive, then the hollow between the plasterboard itself and the breeze block is maybe to be decrease than 0.5 an inch. Drill rapidly interior the path of the p.b and into the blocks then use the variety of long fixing plugs and screws used for fixing doorframes to partitions. a similar style of fixings could be utilized if the wall is battened although care would desire to then betaken to no longer tear a hollow interior the p.b. once you tighten the screws.
May 11, 2017

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