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How do I unblock my usb card reader?

I have been up day and night trying to get the write protect off my sd card reader that is internal. I am running vista home. I want to transfer pics from computer to sd card and when I do it says write protect chose a diffeent disc. Help before I go crazy on the computer!!!!!!!!Thanxs!


The write protect lock isn't on the reader, its on the memory itself. It's a small switch that you can toggle on or off. Not all sd memory cards have this switch, but I suspect yours does. Here is a link to picture, note the white switch on the left:
Dec 7, 2017
Try updating the driver. I have several SD readers on various computers and it has never told me the card was write protected. Try the driver. If not, go to the card reader's website and find the update and troubleshooting.
Dec 7, 2017

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