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How do people get pictures, bulletin boards, etc. to stick on cement walls in dorms?

I see pictures of peoples' dorm rooms where they have heavy pictures and bulletin boards to stick on their walls and I could never find any sticky stuff at the store that was strong enough... help!


Don't you just love dorm walls? I use Command strips. After I bought my house, we have plaster walls and getting things to hang on it sometimes damages it. So I use the Comman strips on that too. Usually I use the ones that have the double sided velcro and you can buy them in variations of weight. I also use two of the 5lb hooks to hang my ironing board on the linen closet door. Every thing in my house is hung with command strips because they are sturdy, durable and don't damage the walls. Try those - they are quick and easy to put up and take down. You can get them at any discount store or home store. They are just fantastic!
May 11, 2017
I tapped some nails in. But I don't recommend it. It took a long time and you'll probably get charged for the damage it does to the paint. I found some sticky, puffy stuff from Duct Tape. It's double sided and it's waaaay sticky. For my heavier stuff I just doubled/tripled up and it hung right up. This is what I did for my full length mirror. Also they make those clear plastic holder things. I'm sorry, I'm not sure what they're called. But they have sticky on one side and you stick that to the wall and then there is a hook on the other side. They work great too and are cheap!
May 11, 2017
Use construction adhesive such as PL400 or Liquid Nails. If you ever need to take the board down, use acetone to soften the glue and and use a putty knife to peel the glue off, any remaining glue can be wiped off with a rag and acetone.
May 11, 2017
Is this us or uk? In uk (woolworths) you can get velcro stick on things , adhesive on both sides, really strong, Ive got my number/licence plates stuck on with it, been on 2 years, and you can pull it off when you need to. But if its just posters and stuff, then blu-tack would do it, wouldn't it?
May 11, 2017

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