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How does the relay recognize

Can SLI-12VDC-SL-A and HJQ-15F-1 - 12VDC - S - Z (TBF - 1) be generic? What are the meanings of those English letters above? The The The The Can SLI-12VDC-SL-A and HJQ-15F-1-12VDC-S-Z be universal?


HJQ-15F-1-12VDC-S-Z Day wave port 12VDC sealed 1 conversion contact PCB power relay, TBF-1 is the insulation level. SLI-12VDC-SL-A Ningbo Songle 12VDC sealed type 1 normally open contact PCB power relay. Two products are different manufacturers, the appearance of the package is different, PCB hole size, one is a change of contact Another is a normally open contact, if only the normally open contacts can be replaced with each other.
May 9, 2017
It seems that the coil is DC 12V, can be universal, that is, do not know their contact size
May 9, 2017
Those should be the factory logo that, as long as the working voltage is the same, the same pin, the installation size can be the same.
May 9, 2017
The type of relay is very much, you just look at the instructions on the line.
May 9, 2017

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