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How expensive is float glass for building your own aquariums?

I would like to build my own, customized aquarium and I have recently found out that float glass would be the best glass to use for it.I want the tank to be pretty long, considering i am turning it into a vivarium for my turtle.I need to know how much it will cost me to buy the sheets of float glass? or If I can just use regular glass for this instead?I am looking for something inexpensive, but with the quality also.thanks for the help :)


Either glass is going to be very expensive. Check with your local hardware store.
Apr 14, 2017
I have only once heard this term (float glass) used before. That was at the Wheaton Arts Museum which was a glass center in the 19th century. The docent was explaining how the molten glass was poured over a layer of molten tin to make flat sheets for window pane. It's commonly called plate glass. Quite frankly you can get a much better answer by calling a glass shop and giving the dimensions. They will give you a quote. But I hazard to say that it will be cheaper to simply buy an aquarium tank. You should note however that if you do build this tank and ever think about filling it with water you really need to consider the stress on the glass. Long panels will collapse under the pressure unless they are very thick or reinforced. You will find reinforcements on the tops of commercial aquariums with long sides. I know a guy who cut the plastic reinforcement because it got in the way of the filter and it didn't collapse until he got it completely set up fish and all.
Apr 14, 2017

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