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How loud are 3000miliwatt speakers?

I'm buying the a FI-HI creamsicle black stereo speaker backpack. In the description it said 3000miliwatt speakers, i am wondering how loud that would be? Im not looking for the loudest speakers.


Even if the speakers are super-efficient, you will probably not get more than about 95 dB at one meter. 3000 mWatts (same as 3 Watts) isn't much power at all. The fact that the manufacturer is rating their speakers in miliwatts means that they are marketing them to people who have little or no concept of wattage. Thus, you can deduce that they are almost certainly very crappy speakers with poor performance.
Jan 26, 2018
How loud is very subjective. 3000 milliwatt is a 3 watt system. Not a lot of power, but these are small speakers built into a back pack. It's probably best if you look for reviews on this speaker than ask how loud. And although wattage represents power, it does not necessarily represent loudness. The efficiency of the speakers will have a lot to do with the loudness with the power. For example, if you hook up a 10 watt amplifier to a speaker that has an efficiency of 80 decibels (at 1w/m), it will sound a lot louder than a speaker that has an efficiency of 83 decibels (with the same 10 watt amp). Generally, every 3 decibels equals to a doubling of power. So it's a big difference.
Jan 26, 2018

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