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How many batteries are in a hybrid car batterie pack?

im doing a project on hybrid cars and i need to nowthanks


Toyota uses prismatic NiMH modules from Panasonic. Each module consists of six 1.2 V cells connected in series. The module has a nominal voltage of 7.2 V, capacity of 6.5 Ah, weighs 1.04 kg, and has dimensions of 19.6mm(W) x 106mm(H) x 275mm(L). The Pack The Toyota Prius II battery stack consists of 38 prismatic NiMH modules connected in series. It delivers a nominal 273.6 Volts and has a 6.5 Ah capacity. The modules are stacked side by side and then compressed together in a rigid, non-expandable structure that prevents expansion from internal pressures. The complete battery pack consists of the battery stack, enclosure for structural support and airflow, battery electronic control unit/monitor, relays and safety switch. The weight of the complete battery pack is 53.3 kg. The pack is horizontally positioned in the boot of the vehicle partially under the back seat. Power electronics (inverter, DC-AC converter) are under the bonnet and a blower for moving air and associated air ducts are in the boot. Discharge power capability of the Prius pack is around 20 kW at 50% SOC with regenerative capability of 14.5 kW at 2C. The power capability increases with higher temperatures and decreases at lower temperatures. Active thermal management can improve power capability at lower temperatures.
Jan 26, 2018

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