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How many Channels does an AUX Cable support?

I'm curious about the technicality of an Auxiliary Cable. - The bandwidth ? - Is it compressed or loss less sound?- Why is it so universal?- How many channels? I'm guessing 2?Let me know I'm very intrigued about this surprise I cannot find anything online. Thanks.


an aux cable is generally a 3.5mm outlet/cable its capable of actually 3 channels, so it can transmit 2 channels (stereo) and receive a signal for controlling functions from things like iPods to control volume and such.
Jan 26, 2018
AUX cable is short for Auxiliary and does not have a real specification. If you are talking about a single, yellow RCA cable - this is called Composite video and it can carry standard def, 480 lines of video. One channel. If you are talking about 3 RCA cables red/blue/green - this is 3 composite video cables. This also carries 1 channel of video but can be 480 or if made with the higher bandwidth coax can carry up to 1080p.
Jan 26, 2018

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