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how many watts will 2 40 amp fuses hold?

I'm getting a MA audio hk898 ampit says 1200 RMS bridged at 2 ohms, but its got 2 40 amp fuses, what can those fuses actually hold when it comes to watts, just curious.


40 Amp Fuses
Jan 26, 2018
It's kinda hard for you to know who to listen to on here. I aint gonna say any names, but some of the people that responded to this post don't seem to know what they're talking about (mercury) Anyways, a caprice or a tahoe would be fine (heavy chevy ridin') There's really no need to to get two amps unless you're using one for your mids (which I'd suggest since you're going with solo x's) Also, that capacitor would be great. With a capacitor like that, you wouldn't need a second battery at all. Whether or not the vented box is good depends on 2 things: 1) if it's made correctly 2) if that's the sound you prefer A vented box would sound better (in my opinion) in a tahoe than it would in a caprice. As far as the alternator, if you can afford it, I'd say go for it As far as the amp kit you get, it depends on what all you plan on installing. Basically, you'd need: Power wire Ground wire RCA cables Remote turn on wire Fuse and fuse holder Speaker wire and terminals for all the wire. If you're installing two amps then you'd need a distribution block One last thing, if you're going for really deep bass, then I'd suggest going for either 12's or 15's rather than 10's, but if you have the box already, I'd say go for the 10's. It would be pretty simple to swap them out later on, because all the wiring could stay the same
Jan 26, 2018
i would guess it only hold up for 1200 watts. ive got a sony xplod 1200w with 2 40 amp fuses and when i had the sub wires bridged it overloaded the amp and one of the fuses kept popping out, it never blew but jus popped out enough for the subs to stop working
Jan 26, 2018
If your battery voltage is 14.4 then it should handle 1152 Watts. So therefore either your amp has slow-blow fuses or your amp doesn't put out 1200 Watts RMS.
Jan 26, 2018

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