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How much does energy from fuel cells cost per kilowatt hour?

I'm doing a big science assignment and I need to know the cost per kilowatt hour of different energy sources. I'm trying to find the cost in ¢/kilowatt of FEUL CELLS and I've been seeing, 5¢, 6¢, $30/kilowatt hour and I read that some people are trying to reduce the cost from about $10000 to $1000 okay…I'm hoping you can tell me the cost in ¢/kilowatt. I'd actually prefer it written as something like, e.g., (4.0 - 5.7 ¢/kilowatt). You didn't have to I only really need a good usually average cost. Sorry to make it complicated, lol.


*Once the fuel cell is paid for* the cost may be something like the difference in efficiency: If it costs $50/MW-hr (no cent on my keyboard) for electricity made from coal in a regular power station (30% efficient), then 3/5 that for electricity from a fuel cell that is 50% efficient. *Paying for the fuel cell* means interest rates and capital cost get involved. If interest rates are low, a fuel cell becomes economical because the difference in fuel costs have a long pay-back period to work. If interest rates are high, then the machine (fuel cell or ordinary power station) that costs least is the choice. Maintenance would also be afactor, with fuel cell probably being more reliable, but can be considered like fuel costs. eia.doe.gov/cneaf/electricity may help with specific prices, which will depend on where you live and what kind of rate schedule you have (it costs less if you use at night, or are willing to accept interruptions of power on short notice) fossil.energy.gov/programs/powers has, Today, the most widely deployed fuel cells cost about $4,500 per kilowatt; by contrast, a diesel generator costs $800 to $1,500 per kilowatt, and a natural gas turbine can be $400 per kilowatt or even less.
Jan 26, 2018
Liquid hydrogen has an ability density of 10.a million MJ/l (9,500 BTU/l). gasoline has lots extra: 34.6 MJ/l (33,000 BTU/l). yet it is probably not a smart degree, with the aid of fact the cost of a gallon of gasoline and the cost of a gallon of liquid hydrogen are very distinctive. we are used to thinking of it in gallons basically with the aid of fact we customarily purchase gasoline by ability of the gallon, and that's often gasoline we purchase. in case you look in terms of weight, working example, liquid hydrogen is 143 MJ/kg, and gasoline is barely 40 six.9 MJ/kg. performance is troublesome to study. A gasoline cellular is approximately 80% helpful with the flexibility it gets. A gasoline engine is approximately 25%, and that they actually perform close to their theoretical performance for their length. larger, warmer engines are extra helpful for inner combustion engines. in fact, it is one stable reason to provide up utilising them. it may be extra suitable to construct a good sized ability plant that burned the very comparable gasoline to make hydrogen, for the reason that ability plant may be as much as 60% helpful. whether the ensuing gasoline cellular is barely 80% helpful, the internet consequence is 40 8% performance, two times what you get from a gasoline engine.
Jan 26, 2018

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