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How much lighter is aluminum than steel?

I'm looking to get a track bike/ fixie to ride around the city of Chicago. I've looked at many bikes and they're mostly made out of Hi Ten steel. My old fixie (which was stolen at North Ave Beach) was made out of aluminum (KHS FLITE 100). How big of a difference is it between aluminum and steel? I know steel is heavier but how does it effect the ride? Is a aluminum bike or a steel bike better to get to ride around the bike path and in the city of Chicago?


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Sep 27, 2017
I'm afraid you have opened a can o'worms. Aluminum as a material is roughly 1/2 the weight of steel. Aluminum as a material is also roughly 1/3 the strength of steel. his means you need 3 times more aluminum to make a frame as strong as steel which makes the aluminum frame 25% heavier. That being said, well designed and more expensive aluminum frames can easily weigh less than low zoot steel. Buying a cheap bike with an aluminum frame will ALWAYS weigh more than a middle of the road bike with a steel frame. ...and THAT being said, high end steel can easily weigh less than a high quality aluminum frame... note we are talking frames in the $2000 range- just for the frame. So, based on your explanation and attendant budget of the bikes you are considering, buy the steel bike. You won't be losing or gaining anything... except saving money.
Sep 27, 2017
Have you considered going to a motorcycle keep and watching at hybrid or commuter bikes? These will fall into cost range (ie. KHS, Fuji,and so on.). Aluminum is probably lighter than steel however the add-ons could make difference in the weight too. Go together with a motorbike shop that means you will be purchasing from folks who understand what they are selling. A series like performance Bike is a good way to go. The costs are right and which you can get a a lot bigger great bike in your money than you'll in finding at a department retailer, plus they provide lifetime free changes and tuneups.
Sep 27, 2017
A steel frame would weigh at most 2 pounds more than an aluminum frame. That would be comparing a less expensive steel frame to a really good aluminum frame. However if you are talking about comparable prices the weight difference would be much less, about 1 pound
Sep 27, 2017

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