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How much will it cost and what do I need to do to convert my ceiling type?

Okay so this may sound weird, but my bedroom ceiling is basically made out of office tiles (almost like a suspended ceiling) and I would like to change it to a normal ceiling (drywall). Is there any way I can do this, and if so how much would it cost and who should I contact to get it done?


There are too many unknowns to give a good answer. If the structure holding up the grid is strong enough the cost for an 48 x 96 sheet is about $10, your whole ceiling could be done for a $100. BUT that is unlikely, often that type of ceiling is installed where electrical splices and construction conditions exist that make installing a normal ceiling practically be installed. you will probably will need to have significant framing and have to install ugly hinged access doors.
Apr 14, 2017
From your description of ALMOST like drop ceiling I am to assume there is no tracks and the tiles are 1 foot by 1 foot. If I am correct you may or may not be able to remove them, if your home is old they have asbestos in them, the good news is they have wood supports every 12 inches so you can hang drywall over it, using longer screws. its hard to help with your vague description
Apr 14, 2017
if there is dry wall or plaster ceiling .and its in bad shape .if it some what level,you can install dry wall over, price depends on size and what it will take to complete the job
Apr 14, 2017

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