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How should I go about doing a mosaic on my ceiling?

I'm getting a new room in my house, and I really want to do a mosaic on the ceiling. I love everything artistic so I'd want to do it myself, and I know it's going to take a long time to do a room that's 18 ft by 22 ft, but I really want to. I've actually never done mosaics before and I'm aware that they are difficult to do and that this is a monumental project for someone who has never even done a mosaic before. But I wanted to know the easiest possible way to go about it (because the idea of standing on a ladder the entire time does not appeal to me whatsoever)? Like, could I do the mosaic on another surface and then attach it to my ceiling? or I don't know, please help me.


Monumental doesn't even came close. To make it realistic you will need to do it on the ceiling, otherwise it will look like patchwork. First thing is to design on paper what you want it to look like. Then transfer design to grid paper. No stepladder. Buy a scaffold that is big enough and high enough to lie on. Transfer your design to the ceiling. You can make stencils for this, and use multiple chalk lines to keep everything straight. Before you start, practice on a plywood board. When you buy your materials, make sure you tell the salesman you are doing a ceiling so you get the right cement or mastic. It took Michelangelo 7 years to do the Sistine Chapel, and he used paint. Good Luck!
Apr 14, 2017

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