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How should I paint my ceiling tile?

I am doing a ceiling tile for my English class. I have 2 differnet background options I want to do. It doesn't matter what background I choose I will put my name and 2013 on it. 1. Just do the whole background with blue glitter 2. Do a texas flag in glitter


If it the type of tile you can take down from a grid, take it down and outside and use spray paint. If you are handy with masking tape, you can put the design on after you paint the background first.
Apr 14, 2017
I agree to take them down if you can, but use Kiltz primer first before painting. Kiltz will seal the tiles so you don't get a splotchy paint job. DO NOT use texture paint, too heavy and will crack. Kiltz is white so all you would need to do is prime and use spray glue for the glitter. Practice on something before getting carried away and ruining your ceiling. Also do not attempt unless you can remove tiles. Spray glue not good for lungs.
Apr 14, 2017

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