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How to connect my Graphics Card with my psu 6+2 pin power connector?

I have cooler master GX550W PSU and I have bought Palit GTX660 Ti Jetstream Graphics card which requires 2 six pin power connector. Now my PSU has total two 6+2 pin PCIE power connector. Now how can I connect my card? If I connect two 6 pin connectors and leave those two pins will it work?My configuration is:i5 3470Asus P8z77-vGskill RipjawsX 8GB 1600MHzPalit 660Ti Jetstream 2GB2TB HDD 7200 rpmDVD RW Drive2X200mm CM Megaflow 1X120mm Case FanPlease help me.GX550 link,


hi mate just use the main 6pin connector on each and leave the 2pin section hanging loose . coolermaster have given you 2 x 6+2pin connectors for when you may need a 8pin pci-e connector but by designing them in a 6 and 2 configuration it gives you more power connectivity options so yes you can leave the 2pin sections and your Palit GTX660 Ti Jetstream Graphics card will work fine just make sure the 6pin connectors are fully inserted until they click or lock into place they are then correctly fitted and supplying power to your new cardfinally ( and unrelated to the question ) your coolermaster GX550W is more than powerful enough for your GTX660ti . and it has a single +12v rail delivering a healthy 44A on that rail that's well above the recommended ampage for the GTX660ti (28A ) and this will also aid stability aswell I hope this helps .any questions let me knowgood luck mate ( and enjoy your GTX660ti ) !
Dec 7, 2017
i doesn't problem with a GT220 or GT240, they are not a lot more effective useful if not worse than the cardboard you've already. those are not gaming playing cards, they are specially for video accelerating etc. Get a HD 4850 in case you'll locate one, if not perhaps a HD 5750 which gives you similar performance, yet i doesn't flow above this as you'll start up to be bottlenecked by technique of your processor. maximum playing cards in ordinary words take one 6pin connection, the in ordinary words exception being the proper end playing cards including the Nvidia GTX 470 or ATI HD 5870. desire i have helped ;)
Dec 7, 2017

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