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How to control solid state relays?

Ordinary relay through the control coil control, how solid-state relay control? , Please explain in detail


Solid-state relays, also known as solid-state switches, are a new type of electronic switching device consisting of solid-state electronics, By the photoelectric coupling, high-power bidirectional thyristor, and trigger circuit, RC absorption circuit composition (as shown below) Used to replace the traditional electromagnetic relay. No contact no action noise. Fast switching speed without spark interference and high reliability advantages. According to the different types of load power. Solid state relay sub-AC and DC two, according to the trigger type is divided into zero-trigger type
May 9, 2017
Simple and easy to understand is that the control signal for the DC, into the input of solid-state relays, the input end of the flow of light lotus root, light and then conduction to the thyristor, SCR conduction is through. We can understand this as a multi-tiered relationship.
May 9, 2017
Simple metaphor you today to find the governor, do not know so much official, but you know the mayor, the mayor and then please the mayor, and finally to the governor of the old man hands to you. Similarly control the first control of small light lotus root, small light lotus and then control the big SCR.
May 9, 2017

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