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How to control the solenoid valve and cylinder with time relay?

The voltage is preferably DC24V or less. Process: 1 by depressing the foot switch, etc. to the time relay a signal (requires no time relay signal, does not automatically start the next cycle of the process) 2 after a certain period of time delay, the solenoid valve power and control the cylinder to move (time relay can achieve such a function: delay a certain time, the load power and maintain a certain time (to maintain a certain time is to ensure that the solenoid valve control cylinder has sufficient time to move In place)?) 3 solenoid valve power, solenoid valve and cylinder back to the initial position See Figure, do not understand the air, the painting is not standardized forgive me Can provide detailed instructions and wiring methods to 50 points Oh, helpful to see the situation to the collection Cylinders and solenoid valves should be no problem, you can not elaborate


Your control is simple, but two time relays (TIMER). The first contact of the com bit 0V (DC24V negative), its normally open (a) contacts through the second TIMER normally closed (b) contact then solenoid valve, while a relay (RELAY) (ordinary, coil For DC24V), through the RELAY to the second TIMER coil. And then the foot switch connected to the first TIMER coil on the line.
May 9, 2017
Can be used TPC4-4 timing program controller to achieve, the use of 24V solenoid valve does not require relays, it is easy to achieve, according to the required function settings, a few minutes to complete. Can be to Beijing multi-dimensional precision control of the timing program controller website View details, instructions, examples and wiring diagram.
May 9, 2017
One-way valve it is automatically reset, and you just give time to work on the forward, foot switch tread at the same time power to the relay relay a set of normally closed output to the solenoid valve to adjust the time you need , The time to the regular point will be broken cylinder reset, you loosen the foot and then on the cycle of the very simple that there is doubt ask
May 9, 2017

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