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how to cut cement backer board?

how can I cut the cement backer board for tiles?knife? saw? (what blade?)


For thinner backer board(under 1/2), use a utility knife. Score one side and then tap it from the back at the cut. For backer board over 1/2 it is best to use a Skill saw or a Jig saw. If you need to cut a hole, for around a toilet or something, drill a hole in the center of the area and then cut it out with a Jig saw. Pretty much any old saw blade will work fine, it cuts very easily and does make a bit of a mess. It's a good idea to use an adhesive (Liquid Nail) or thinset mortar underneath the backer board as well as screws/nails for the best job. Good luck with your project
May 11, 2017
if its backer board, u can cut it with a razor knife, if its Dur-rock( cement board) wet the area of the board first after marking the line with a pencil, and then cut , will cut down on the dust. hint: get a box or floor fan and point it so as to blow the dust away from u! lic. gen. contractor
May 11, 2017
Score it with a utility knife & then just snap it that's it Be sure to where protective clothing (especitaly eyes & mouth) because when you snap it debri will fly every where,
May 11, 2017
I use a circular saw with an old blade, use eye protection!!!!
May 11, 2017

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