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How to extend the life of Lithium Ion batteries?

I have multiple electronic devices with Lithium Ion batteries: iPod, GPS, Nintendo DS Lite, etc.What is the best strategy to increase the life of my batteries (especially for the iPod, which is a pain to replace!)?For example, should I:- use the device until almost-completely empty, then recharge it full;- keep it on the charge when not in use;- recharge it once in a while, even if not empty;- etc.I've read in the DS Lite user's guide that the battery has roughly a life of 500 recharges. Is there a way to increase this; or is there something that I should NOT do to avoid reducing this?Thanks!


Oh. Any thing via rechargeable batteries should be maintained properly. Well, personally, I do these: (1) I never used them till the battery die down to a level the device will shut down (2) For my laptop, I quickly recharge the battery as soon as the battery indicator shows a level of not lower than 30% If you can, try opting for devices that comes without built-in batteries. External rechargeable batteries tend to have better life, and the good is that when recharging, it won't burnt the components within the devices. BTW if you keep these items for some time, be sure to charge up once every 1 month if you store it and left it unused. Else you could possibly kill the cells of the battery if it keeps on being idle for some time.
Dec 7, 2017
It is a fact that if you run the battery all the way down and then charge it all the way up and don't plug it in until it is dead it will make the batteries last longer. Some things you don't want to do are: leave the device plugged in for long periods of time, don't let the device get too hot, don't let the device get too cold. If you do these things your batteries will last longer.
Dec 7, 2017
Ask yourself; what things can you stick in the freezer to extend its life? Anything living and active?No. Stuff like dead meat and icecream. Batteries are a little bit like human beings, hug it, warm it up, love your battery.
Dec 7, 2017

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