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how to fix a hole in plasterboard?

Put my foot through the plasterboard and need to get it fixed asap. how would i be able to repare it ? its about 4-5 inches wide and about 3 inches long.


have a look round your area see if a builder is close by .ask him if he has a piece of plasterboard about 12inches sqaure he will probably give it to you ..push a hole through the middle of it with a nail thread a piece of string through it and tie some knots on one end ,,place the board over hole from above so string hangs.. down mix a small amount of carlite bonding (ask builder) pull on string and patch hole ..leave to dry ..if not to smooth use a little polyfilla sand carefully when dry ..cut string level with ceiling ..EASY
May 11, 2017
The quickest and easiest fix is to go to a big box home store when they open this morning and buy the drywall patch kit. It is a square or rectangular, semi hard flat piece of material that you can cover the hole with, then get a small container of drywall compound and a plastic drywall knife and follow the directions. Cost may be $15 max, may take you 25 minutes if lucky. Try to make it smooth the first time and sanding may be eliminated depending on how good you need the finish.
May 11, 2017
Don't believe the myth that I just need to patch a small hole. Replacing larger areas is much easier than patching small areas. Cut the drywall in a rectangle surrounding the hole until you expose the studs on either side. Measure the open space carefully and cut a similar sized patch from a sheet of drywall of a similar thickness. Screw the patch piece to the studs and then apply drywall compound the the face of the edges. Apply paper tape over the mud that you've applied and then apply more compound. When the mud dries, sand it until it is smooth to the wall and repaint that section.
May 11, 2017

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