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How to install drywall into basement ceiling?

My wife and I screw in wood into ceiling joist then put on piece of 4X8ft 1/2'' thick ultra light Sheetrock dry wall into ceiling with 1-5/8 drywall screw, with my wife and I holding it up I screw into the drywall into wood and let go then drywall falls or go through screw. What happened? Did we use the wrong screws? The screw tip touch the drywall.


Or not enough screws, you need to use a fair number for a ceiling. You may want to go with another solution in a basement, though.
Apr 14, 2017
Green board is sheet rock its just moisture resistant and I would also recommend it for a basement. $24 a sheet for labor only sounds really over priced. 10 years ago when I was doing construction the going commercial rate was $32 for a 4X8 sheet including the rock, screws, bead, and mudding. for an 800 sq ft find a carpenter and see if they will hang it as a side job. usually if you supply all the materials they will do it really cheap. if you cant then hire someone that will come in hang and finish the rock. make sure that you have finished walls ready for primer and paint. with the moisture thats usually in basements i wouldn't recommend wall paper...
Apr 14, 2017

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