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How to install the patch LED lamp band?

How can I install the patch LED lamp belt on the wood chip casting board? With double-sided glue will be hot, and can not use the clip on the screw, what should I do?


With double-sided adhesive, the temperature will not be very high. So it won't fall either. That's how I got it. It took me more than half a year, and I didn't have any problems
Jul 4, 2017
Installed indoors, you can directly tear off the stickers on the 3M double-sided adhesive surface, and then fix the light bar where it needs to be installed. Just press it with your hands.
Jul 4, 2017
More attention is paid to the lamp with waterproof and the installation of a solid in the outdoor installation, outdoor installation often adopts the mode of fixed card slot, need to cut and connected place, and indoor installation, just need another with waterproof glue, waterproof effect to consolidate the connection point.
Jul 4, 2017

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