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How to repair my plasterboard celing?

After moving into my new house, i have noticed that there are lots of places on my celings where the plaster finish has fallen off where the nails are underneath. i have tried already to repair with pollyfiller but the patches never bonded end soon fell off.The heads of the nails have a textured finish, so i think they are the proper nails.I am desperate to sort this problem out so i can begin decorating, so all help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance


You need to replace the nails with plasterboard screws, then repair what is happening is as you walk around upstairs the joists are springing and moving the plasterboard on the nails or try knocking the nails in This will take the move ment out of the board. Also prime the sufrace to be patched with polybond prior to repair Hope this helps
May 11, 2017
You Should apply a good wall sealant before you try to fill, two coats may be needed this will seal the plaster and the nail heads.Polyfiller will be fine, Good Luck P.S. As this maybe exspensive and the area is small you could use a oil base undercoat instead.
May 11, 2017

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