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How to Reupholster a Chair?

Use a vintage chair from the 1950s, hopefully it wont have a whole family of dust bunnies living underneath its upholstery.


Step1 Turn your chair over and take the staples out of the seat to separate it from the frame. Measure and cut your fabric to fit your seat cushion, leaving a few extra inches--you don't want the fit to be too tight! If you need to use extra cushioning, now is the time to place it inside. Step 2 Iron your fabric to get rid of wrinkles, if you need to do so. Use a staple gun to secure your fabric to the seat. Try to space the staples evenly (remember that you may want to alter your chair again!) Step 3 Lay the good side of your fabric down, putting the seat on top. Tightly pull your fabric and staple it to the corner of the seat. Fold the corners, cutting or trimming excess fabric. Good luck
Sep 30, 2017
how to measure a chair to redo fabric
Sep 30, 2017

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