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how to tell the difference between steel and nylon strings?

I feel really stupid asking this question but i feel like a put metal/steel strings on my classical guitar how do you tell the difference?


you do NOT want to put steel strings on a nylon string guitar, it will ruin it. It does get a little confusing. With steel strings, all 6 strings are metal. (usually steel, but not always, nickel, copper may be used too) And they use a steel core. with nylon strings, the high 3 strings, are obviously nylon/plastic. the 3 bass strings look metal, but they have a silk type core, with metal wrapped around it. The steel strings have a LOT more tension,, they can break the plastic tuners, beak the nut, pull the top up, and pull the bridge off, If you're not sure yet, have a real music store explain it, not a toy store, or costco or walmart.
Sep 27, 2017
Nylon strings are made of nylon; steel strings are made of .... if you put steel strings on your nylon string (classical style) guitar, you will destroy it. The instrument cannot stand up under the tension required for the strings, they will not fit in the saddle properly, they will cut the nut, and your machine heads may break. ... now if you're asking about the three lowest strings, those are metal wound around nylon on a nylon string guitar.
Sep 27, 2017
The g-string will look and feel thicker than usual, and the strings will look almost like copper.
Sep 27, 2017

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